Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brazilian Girls

At a bg concert right now. Quick and dirty review: great songs, great crowd, not so great concert. I'll add more to this later.

OK so I'm a Brazilian Girls fan. Their music is very unique.

But there were some problems tonight at the Wiltern. It seemed like they didn't know their own new songs. The vocals were a little off, the keyboardist was a little off, and the interaction with the audience seemed very rehearsed. The weren't really dressed for a concert either, just some T-shirts for the band, not at all like I've seen them online at other venues. Vocalist was dressed great.

Later on in the show they started playing their older music, which you see in the above clip. It's good, the crowd loved it.

Also, is the vocalist (Sabina) preggers?

Overall it was a worth it if you like The BGs.

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