Wednesday, October 15, 2008

no drugz plz

One of the unfortunate events last weekend at the Matthew Dear concert was having to deal with some drugged out asian dude. Was walking around and found a guy passed out on the floor. As is typical with LA and I would guess the rest of the US there were lots of people saying "Oh look, he fell down" or "Don't step on him" but no one actually helping him.

So I bent down and slapped his face a few times. His eyes opened right up. He was talking. His English was broken but that has to be expected. "Are you alright? What are you on?" I asked, but all he could say was "Thanks, I'm OK." He stood up, and he wasn't swaying or anything so I thought it was strange but oh well. Then he passed out again and crumpled.

This is where it's become obvious that he's on something. I was told that this happens when you take ecstacy and alcohol. By the second time he passed out the bouncer had showed up and took him outside, talking into his shoulder mike the whole time. Upon reflection it was a bad idea to move him at all, especially outside to the rock/brick wall and concrete ground.

Why people are OK with doing this to themselves is beyond me. Not just the drugs, but going out and going beyond your limits in a situation where you can get into a deep whole. Hollywood isn't a good place to be passed out.

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