Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dancing irrisponsibly

So for my b-day me and a friend went out to Avalon. It was pretty fun, and I saw up close how to use a Kaoss pad while DJ'ing. (Thanks goes to DJ Michaelis)

Then as the night progressed, whether it be from my drinking, or the drinking of everyone around me, i was bumped a little bit and ended up landing on my ankle wrong. The result?

Yes, as you can plainly see, my hardwood floors are especially shiny now.

No, what you're looking at is internal bruising due to slight muscle tear. It's not as painful as it looks, and the swelling went down really fast, although my legs remained that hairy.

In other news, tomorrow night I'll be checking out this girl:

Yeah....little bit different than my normal music. I'm a sucker for good singers tho.

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