Monday, February 9, 2009

old friends that just met for the first time

A strange thing happened over the weekend. I met a person that I immediately clicked with. Not just someone who was friendly, but it was someone who I immediately had an hour long conversation with. You know how you have a friend that you can call up and even though have nothing important to talk about you end up chatting for a long time? We were like that. You know that "bubble" you put up around yourself? It wasn't there for either of us. Or when you can talk to someone while each of you are doing other tasks without missing a beat? All of those things were there, but we had only just met.

I probably won't see the person ever again...she's older than me, lives a different lifestyle, has a family, etc...but if there was ever something that could convince me that relationships can form without any social interaction, such as previous lives, different planes of thought, and all those other weird things you hear about on the sci-fi channel, that person was it.

I'm 100% baffled by this encounter, and will likely remember it for a long while.

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