Monday, March 23, 2009

1st party of the year.

So a few weeks back I told some of my friends after a concert that I wanted to get a party together. A decent sized party, lots of booze and lots of music. One friend said "Let's do it at my dad's house" which basically took all party control from my hands. I was a little concerned at first, but then the dad got involved, and did an excellent job.

So it was a house party, but not just a little ghetto one. Valet parking, a bartender, a live DJ (yours truely), a live band, booze, food, etc.

This would be my first real DJ event that I've done. As such, I volunteered the gig (which was the plan all along). I must say that for a Sunday night, the whole event went well. 1st part of the night was just everyone getting food and drink, socializing, etc. I provided some random tunes, slowly but surely getting heads nodding, getting feet tapping, etc. 2nd part of the night, the band played. Great job for what was their 1st live audience too. last part of the night was me playing as people either sobered up and left or danced and drank some more. Hard dance music for all of course.

3 good things turned out. 1st, the house is a great party house. This was also the 1st time the house was used for entertaining, and it went well. 1-2 more parties will be expected before summer is in full swing, and I'm expected to play. 2nd, the band is really good, probably better then expected. 3rd, i'm a good DJ. No errors, kept people moving, and most important to me I had a great time letting people experience the hobby I enjoy so much.

So, the band wants me to play along side them again. Our music isn't even close to being similar, but putting the two together let's people experience a wide range of music. It's like going to a party and half-way through the environment changes completely. It also sounds like another house party or two are on the horizon. These will be much larger, and I'll expect everyone that I talk to will receive an invite as soon as the date is set.

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