Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today was so much better. Arrived at the courthouse, lines everywhere. Luckily i was on my bike and got half off for parking right across the street.

Line to get inside.
Line to get to the traffic section.
Line to get to the traffic court clerk.

But once there, the cute clerk looked at my ticket, asked "Did you fix these two?" Since I had bought in my documentation, she pulled out a huge book, looked up some numbers, and said "OK, $810 has been taken off, were you going to pay for the speeding?"

"Do I have the option to talk with a judge about it?" I asked. For whatever reason I had full charm going on. It was probably due to my glee in wearing a tie. I don't know that she even had a chance of resisting my questions.

"Yes, but your court date won't be until..." she pauses, puts on her cute glasses, and checks her computer "...hmm, looks like February 19th."

"Oh really? That's pretty far." I could barely contain my joy. Getting away with procrastinating is a win in my book.

"Well, OK if that's what must be done. Do I need to sign anything?" I wanted to hug her at this point.

I get home in time to avoid the street sweeper patrol, but also discover that my aunt had moved my car for me. How nice! I change out of my business underwear and throw on my business casuals and head to work.

So yes, today is much better than expected.

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