Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wow, found this on my Blackberry. It's gotta be a few years old. Beware, crappy poetry ahead!

On the gold and red
Sometimes I wonder out loud,
"Where have all my emotions gone?
Whatever happened to the time I spent with you?
Then we break up.
Then we make up.
Then I wake up.
Now I think of
Ways to be loved
By anyone but you.
These days I try to lie
But only to myself at night
Things are broken
But only for a moment
Scars are opened
And then its real.
Then we break up
The we make up
Then I wake up
And all I want is to wake up
Next to you.
To many times I've tried to cry
About the lies inside my mind
Its causing us to give up my eyes. For you.
The dreams are falling.
My heart is slowing.
Our lives are gowing
So far apart.
When does the pain stop and the healing start?


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Subway poetry... going to have to get you a hat for the spare change. ;) - ODB